April 29, 2020 UPDATE!!!

Unemployment Benefits for Sole Proprietors and Independent Contractors

Many sole proprietors and independent contractors have had difficulty finding the right page on the EDD’s website to apply for unemployment insurance (UI) benefits.

That’s because it did not exist until THIS WEEK! As we explained in our earlier post on 04/20/20, prior to the COVID -19 pandemic and the passage of the CARES Act, sole proprietors did not qualify for UI benefits. The EDD has now made their website available for sole proprietors to apply for benefits – EDD UI Online.

For those of you who have recently received PPP or EIDL funds, you might wonder if filing for unemployment is still necessary. Keep in mind that from the time you closed your practice (~March 16) until the time you start to pay yourself from PPP proceeds (~end of April), this is the time period for which you can apply for unemployment. Even though the date of your application may be after your unemployment period, you can go back and make a claim starting the date you closed your office.

Good luck!