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Should you run a practice, build wealth, or prepare for retirement?
The answer is all of the above.

Thomas Doll is your partner in managing today’s decisions and preparing for tomorrow’s rewards. It begins with our comprehensive approach to wealth management, backed by more than four decades of serving doctors’ lifelong personal and professional interests. We’re not through until you can see all the way to financial freedom.

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Wealth Management

We provide the structure and guidance physicians and dentists need to identify, explore and address every factor that could contribute to long-term wealth and well-being, from career growth planning to investment management.

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Retirement Plan Solutions

We understand the unique retirement challenges facing dental and medical practice owners. We strategically administer and manage retirement plans, investments and assets, positioning doctors and their staff to realize their financial goals as the challenges of the field evolve.

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Payroll Expertise

Payroll processing can be needlessly time-consuming. Our personalized solutions enable doctors to process payroll faster and more accurately, even as regulations, requirements, and their practices’ needs evolve.

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Income Tax Planning
Business and Personal

A doctor’s personal and professional goals are inevitably intertwined. Our approach to business tax planning balances short- and long-term practice goals with our clients’ individual tax situations and overall financial objectives.

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Practice Accounting

While our clients focus on patient care, we help interpret the ledgers. Our work with hundreds of dental and medical practices means we’re able to not only manage practices’ day-to-day finances, but we can benchmark them against current industry norms, converting statements from mere numbers into meaningful diagnostic tools.

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Practice Creation and Transition

The type of practice a doctor creates will define his or her career and financial health. For decades, we’ve been a steadfast ally to new and emerging practices, helping their owners make the difficult early decisions that will be critical to growth and long-term success.

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