A legacy built on more.

For more than four decades, Thomas Doll has been committed to meeting the unique financial needs of medical and dental professionals.

Meet our advisors.

Thomas Doll was founded in the 1960s as a tax practice. Early on, we discovered how difficult it could be to provide solid tax preparation services to small businesses such as medical and dental practices. Why? Most of our clients didn’t employ dedicated bookkeepers. Critical tasks like banking, bill paying and payroll fell to family members, overworked staff, or the physicians and dentists themselves.

To further enhance our clients’ business success, Thomas Doll pioneered the field of comprehensive financial accounting, blending the benefits of effective tax preparation with improved internal control and anti-embezzlement processes.

As our client list grew, we were able to show physicians and dentists how their financials compared with those of their peers. We pinpointed subtle but significant differences between most and least successful medical and dental practices, enabling our clients to implement best practices for improved outcomes.

With higher profitability comes new challenges, including higher income taxes. In 1978, inspired once again by our clients’ evolving needs, we added pension administration and planning, swiftly generating national recognition for the quality of our small business retirement planning services.

Saving for retirement is important, but it’s really only the first step toward financial freedom. In 1998, we integrated evidence-based investment advice in our ongoing mission to help physicians and dentists build, preserve and enjoy their lifelong personal wealth.

Today, Thomas Doll offers full-circle financial care, including payroll expertise, practice creation and succession consulting, and personal wealth management. Though much has changed, one thing hasn’t: we’re still helping our clients achieve personal and professional financial independence.

A Fiduciary Relationship

Thomas Doll is an independent, fee-only, fiduciary, Registered Investment Advisor firm, a distinction that offers several advantages to our clients. Our mission and legal obligation is to always serve our clients’ highest financial interests. We receive no distracting commissions from outside sources. Our transparent costs and independent reporting help you routinely verify that what you see is what you get for your money.

Thomas Doll partners with Buckingham Strategic Partners, a community of independent wealth management firms who believe there’s a better way for investors and their families to protect their financial futures and achieve their goals. As members, we’re committed to transparency, evidence-based advice and putting our clients first to achieve more together.