Steven E. Leininger

CPA/PFS Emeritus

“My satisfaction comes from seeing dreams achieved. I really enjoy helping clients plan, bringing clarity to their goals and simplicity to their lives. People live more joyfully if they’re not bogged down in uncertainties. I think it is pretty cool to be part of that for them.”

Phone: (925) 280-5705

Website: Steven Leininger Blog

Steve brings a team approach to solve clients most complex problems. “I can’t be an expert in everything, but I work with people who are! They may be from within the firm or on our external team of experts. Whatever it takes, we’ll find the right solution”.

Steve brings this spirit of collaboration in working with clients – first understanding their fears and dreams, then working to systematically achieve all that is important to them about money. Since life is too short to focus solely on accumulation, he reminds people that the journey is to be lived and enjoyed – balanced against the future financial realities facing us all.

Making smart decisions about money is critical to the process of planning. Clients want to be confidant that those they love will be provided for on all levels. Peace of mind in one’s financial world creates that foundation for a more joyful life.

Working with an advisor who is independent, free of conflicts of interest, and following the same strategies as his clients, makes Steve a sought after partner on that journey.

Steve has a Masters in Accountancy from Brigham Young University as well as holding CPA and Personal Financial Specialist designations.

He is on the board of Acus – a foundation devoted to enhancing the management of the physical and psychological traumas of wounded warriors. He also works closely with the Ballard Center for Economic Self Reliance in the Marriott School of Management at BYU in developing social innovation solutions.

A part time fitness buff and ever striving healthy eater, you may see him running or biking around the hills of Mt. Diablo. Then again, he may be in line at In-and-Out ordering a Double Double – with cheese!


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