Travis Slade


After working in my brother’s dental practice, I got a small taste of what it’s like to be a private-practice owner. I saw the pains, heartache, joys, and rewards that come with owning your own practice. It was an experience that would inspire the course of my entire career.

I wanted to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) to better help practice owners, like my brother.

Becoming a doctor is a long and difficult journey. You are no stranger to making sacrifices and going down a road that most people are too scared to travel. Along the way, many doctors also become business owners. Entering the world of practice ownership brings a new set of challenges to your career. I believe practice owners today deserve the best possible advice to make smart financial choices. You have sacrificed too much not to excel in running your practice and ultimately becoming financially independent.

Phone: (925) 280-5778

Travis joined our affiliated firms in 2015, prior to joining Thomas Doll, Travis worked for Anderson Tax. He received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Brigham Young University. Outside of work, he appreciates any time he can spend with his wife and kids. He tries to stay active swimming, playing soccer, or anything else that requires some movement.

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